Clean Factory Replica Rolex Cosmograph Daytona M116505-0009 Rose Gold Watch Collection

Clean Factory Rolex Daytona is currently the best replica edition in the world, using 904L material, 4130 movement, ar strap, clean dial/unique edition, clean ceramic ring and buff factory pointer, with a thickness of 12.2-12.3.

The joint between the glass and the case is completely transparent, and no white edge can be seen. The arc of the glass edge is the same as that of the original, and the height of the ceramic ring protruding from the glass is the same as that of the original. The ceramic ring is more three-dimensional and round with clean font, and the edge of the ceramic ring has a slight fillet.

The luminous filling height is moderate, the brightness is ok, the font is printed three-dimensionally, and the size of the small black circle is the same as the original one.

The strap/case fits seamlessly.
The top of the watch band/case is flat with the watch case, and the tail is slightly concave.
The bottom of the strap/case head and the case are concave at the head, which is consistent with the original.


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