King Factory Replica Rolex Cosmograph Daytona M126519LN-0006 Series

1. Use authentic substitute replica dial! A variety of dials are developed with original authentic products! The dial is literally a masterpiece in the engraving world! Welcome to PK comparison! Absolutely the best market!

2. Shell 904L is carefully polished and manufactured in fine steel! The connection between the strap and the meter head is carefully modulated, and the high and low precision contrast is genuine! Bai Gang, platinum, gold, rose gold, and their corresponding watchbands and watchcases are all different with complicated details. KING’s craftsmanship pays special attention to details! Not comparable to other 7750 movement manufacturers!

3, fine steel bezel or ceramic ring or rainbow diamond ring, all of which are high-quality products, completely the highest level in the market! Especially the difficult rainbow diamond ring, pure natural colored spar, can produce the appraisal certificate!

4. Dandong selected 7750 low-tube movement, through excellent assembly and debugging, ensures the accuracy of walking! At the same time, KING’s after-sales service is in place! Ensure that customers are satisfied with the use and sales are comfortable!

5. Up to now, the watches of other manufacturers in the market are all made of thin glass and bottom cover, and the shell is thick! Change to ignorance! Only KING’s Daytona has achieved the best coordination in all aspects through accurate research on genuine products!

6. The platinum steel belt and the rose gold steel belt and shell are different from those of Bai Gang and gold! The 7750 Daytona shell belt from other manufacturers in the market is different from KING’s products. Please pay attention to the genuine details! KING Daytona has high-quality requirements in all aspects and is equipped with high-quality after-sales service! Trustworthy!


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